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So you are looking for help? Great, so do we! We would like to seek help from you to be able to help correctly. Support the great projects of our designers, share, like and talk about us, write us an e- mail if you should not like something on our site, and thus help us, that we can help the good old earth on the long term. Always remember: Each ecological product, fair and socially produced, is better than any conventionally produced item. Nice that you could help us! And if you really need help and do not find it in our FAQs, then please send us a message via the contact form. We will get back to you soon, I promise!



What is the minimum order?
There is none.

What if I am not at home on the delivery day?
If you should not be home when your parcel arrives you will be informed by the shipping company. They will let you know where you can get your order from, so you can keep your package soon in your hands.

My package got damaged. What should I do?
Uuuuups that should not have happened. First, we ask you to make a picture of the unopened package and to assure you, if the contents were damaged. If your order have gotten something, but please send us a short email to . We will then respond immediately.


Is a return possible?
Returns are not only bad for us, but also for the environment. But it's important to us that you are satisfied with your purchase. Should any return therefore be unavoidable, you can send back the ordered items - course easily and without remorse - to the corresponding sender on your package.

How much time do I have to return my order?
The legislature grants for distance selling a 14- days return policy to which we like to talk. If you want to read more on this topic, you can do that here.

How to return?
We ask you to send an email to We will then send you a return form immediately. This you please attaching then to the package and take it to the next parcel collection point.  The easiest way for everyone involved is if you send back the items in the original packaging in which it has been delivered. Once the return arrived and the contents have been checked, you will receive a refund of the amount to your bank account, credit card or the specified PayPal account.

If you have questions regarding the topic of "return" or "refund" you can also get in contact with us by mail ( Mon-Fri 9h00 to 18h00 or call us under Tel.: +49 (30) 42809016 reached by telephone .


What is Crowdfunding/Style Funding?
Crowdfunding is a form of financing with help of the crowd that gives money for a project. Unlike a normal donation the supporters are not left with empty hands. He gets an appropriate quid pro quo in the form of a T -shirt, bonus, etc., as a thank you. And the best thing is: Only when the predetermined target investment is met within the project period, the collected money will be transferred to the project starter. Otherwise, every supporter gets the money back. Thus, everything is completely free of risk for all involved.

How does the application process work?
Once we have checked your application documents, in any case you will get a reply within 2 weeks.
How does the cooperation with EARTHBACK look like?
You deliver us "only" your idea that you want to present within a Stylefunding project to the crowd. Once the project is successfully funded, we take care of the rest. We plan the production, you can sit back relax and watch how your own collection gets realized and then sold through our online store. Of course you will be rewarded appropriately. We will pay you a license fee for your ideas and you keep a percentage of each item of your collection sold.

What does it cost?
It costs you not even a penny. The only thing we need from you your ideas, your commitment and some of your precious time.