This category is dedicated to all the men and boys of our creation. Our selected men's fashion is inspired by the man of today, to make him look good, and to let him feel comfortable and good in his clothes. In our online shop you will find, therefore, men's fashion by EARTHBACK but also of other great labels. Looking for a new favorite pair of jeans, an exceptional shirt that not everyone wears or a functional bag as daily companion? In the EARTHBACK online shop you will certainly find something appealing for you. But the most amazing thing about our offered styles is: They are not only outstanding in their design, so real designer men’s fashion, but each item is also sustainable, produced ethically and fairly.


To EARTHBACK it is particularly important to achieve total transparency within our network, consisting of suppliers and production facilities, as well as in the relationships to all our customers and partners. Resource-saving production methods are supported and promoted by EARTHBACK. The same values and standards we also presuppose of the other clothing labels you can find in our shop. Therefore, you can be sure that every single item you find had a sustainable and ethical history.

If you are interested in the ambitions and motivations, or even the individual history of a certain label, you have the opportunity to get more input under "about the designer" on the respective product page, or by clicking on the link "about the designer" in the title screen of the respective designer page. You can also find out how and where the brand produces its clothing items.


Most of our fashion items offered are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) whereby the labels commit to a transparent textile value chain. The use of chemicals is prohibited and fair payment for the textile manufacturer is governed by specified standards. Furthermore, most of our offered products are also vegan, originating from organic farming, and support CO2 reduced manufacturing methods. Real heroes on the textile market. However, our looks are no desolate Hippie-fashion! It is very important to us not to compromise on comfort, style or quality in order to guaranty sustainable and ethical production. The existing and constantly growing range of EARTHBACK proves that sustainable fashion does not have to miss out on fancy design and high quality. Therefore, also in the future we are aiming to present fashion which feels wonderful on your skin without making compromises in style, quality and comfort.


Did you already hear about our Stylefunding program? We support motivated and creative people who dream to produce their first collection, but unfortunately do not have own money to realize that. Any idea that gets realized through our Stylefunding program will be later on found in our shop. In this way, a unique EARTHBACK assortment establishes. Do you have a great idea that want to share with us? You want to take action against fast fashion and you want to become a green designer? Yes? Then contact and convince us of your idea and we will make you the new design hero. The support costs you not even a penny, on the contrary, you shall be rewarded for your idea, of course. We support you in the realization of your dream and awaken your first self-designed collection to life. Are you curious now? Under the category Stylefunding or by clicking these links will get you more information on this topic.

But now, have fun while shopping!